Life and Death Facts about the “Dear Leader”, Kim Jong-Il


kim il-sung kim jong-suk kim jong-il family
above:  The family of Kim Il-sung and his first wife, Kim Jong-suk along with Kim Jong-Il when he was still 3 years old

  • Kim Jong –Il is the first born son of the great founder of North Korea, Kim Il-sung with Kim Jong-suk, his first wife
    kim kyong hui kim jong il sister
    above:  Kim Jong-Il together with his sister Kim Kyong-hui
  • He had a younger sister named Kim Kyong-hui whom he had a 5 year gap, who then became a Workers’ Party member
    dear leader kim jong il
    above:  The Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il showing up himself from the car after a Russian meeting on August of the year 2011
  • Popularly called as the “Dear Leader”, the Lodestar of the 21st Century, as an Eternal President, the Supreme Leader, The General, Generalissimo, and even known to called as Our Father
  • After 69 years of existence, he died last Saturday, December 17, 2011
  • Died due to a severe myocardial infarction associated with a heart attack or stroke which happened at 8:30 in the morning (while in the train towards outside of Pyongyang to give an on the spot guidance to labourers) and the diagnosis was being confirmed a day after, December 18, 2011 through an autopsy
    kim jong il death broadcast effect to north korean people
    above:  North Korean’s picture after the news of Kim Jong-Il’s death
  • Most emotional broadcasters and people of North Korea would say that the “Dear Leader” died due to fatigue and stress from physical and mental overwork

These are some of Kim Jong-Il’s achievements:

north korea first communist leader kim jong-il
above:  Kim Jong-Il, North Korea’s first communist Leader

  • Became the North Korea’s first communist leader in the year 1948
    north korea kim jong il fifth biggest military group
    above:  The “Dear Leader” with his military men
  • With a “juche” mentality, translated as a principle of self-reliance
  • Kim’s focus has been on the military, North Korea has the 5th largest army in the world, with an estimated 1.2 million soldiers
  • During the year 1975, Kim Jong-Il was honoured with a description as a “Hero of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” and then again with the same title, 7 years after
  • In the year 1992, during the month of December, he became the Korean People’s Army’s Supreme Commander, the First Vice Chairman and eventually the Chairman of the National Defense Commission, and right after that, he was reappointed on the month of April year 1993
  • On October 8, 1997, Kim Jong-Il became  the General Secretary of the Worker’s Party of Korea

Some Interesting and Captivating Facts about Kim Jong-Il

dear leader kim jong-il
above:  The North Korea leader, Kim Jong-Il

  • He was born in Baekdu Mountain with a foretold story about his birth being proclaimed with a new star in heaven and the double rainbow as stated by his authorized biographers.
  • Since birth, Kim Jong-Il was already considered to be a genius child since he had a fast growth and development.  In 3 weeks’ time, he was able to learn how to walk and at 8 weeks thereafter, he already started talking.
  • When he was in Junior high, he was appointed by his teachers to be the future leader of the country since he was very smart enough to know how to interpret very well the country’s history.
  • Kim Jong-Il is believed to be 157 cm or 5’ 2” in height while using some lifts in his shoes, more like that of the platform shoes with jumpsuits and having a backcombed hairstyle, which makes him taller in appearance.
  • Very much recognized as the Dear Leader, Supreme Leader, Generalissimo, The General, and for more over 50 various different names .
  • In the year 1994, Kim Jong-Il engaged himself in playing golf at the North Korea’s only golf course.  He was able to have a 38 under par round shot which took him not less than 11 holes in one shot and after having such achievement, he then stopped from playing in golf clubs.
  • Kim Jong-Il has been a film enthusiast that he even had a collection of video film tapes of more than 20, 000 pieces.
  • Kim’s best ever favorites consist of Godzilla, Rambo, Friday the 13th, and the Eternal Bosom of Hot Love.
  • He is very much fanatic when it come to the late Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Taylor
  • Assembled around 1.2 million military men which makes the North Korean Military Force fifth of the world’s largest armies.
  • Kim Jong-Il has an evident fear of flying which according to his biography, a phobia which he got from his father.  He only travels through a private train when he is having his state visits.
  • In three years’ time, Kim Jong-Il was able to write a not less than 1,500 books.
  • He managed to compose 6 operas and he has been also a passionate enthusiast of staging musicals.
  • Have participated the Team America movie, a Hollywood Film which he played the role as the main villain of the movie.
  • Kim stated that he have owned not less than 17 luxurious mansions.
  • He also believed and announced in North Korea that through his mood, he can control the weather conditions, as if in a supernatural way or magic.
  • He has female workers who work to see if each grain of rice is with the same weight, length, and colour with other grains.
  • Kim encouraged the waitresses of Pyongyang restaurants, which are mostly visited by foreigners for them to undergo cosmetic surgeries in order to resemble western beauties.
  • Also, he admitted that he drank a high quality brandy, the cognac for about £450,000 in a country with £580 average income.
  • Kim Jong-Il has been evaluated in his personality by a psychiatrist who then said that the top six group of personality disorders like being sadistic, paranoid, antisocial, narcissistic, schizoid, and schizotypal are all dominant in him.  The big six personality disorders are also shared by Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein, who are also great dictators.
  • Kim had invented the “double bread with meat” which is very similar to that of an American Hamburger according to some.  He even built factories for the production of his invention which are to be distributed to his teachers and students.  It has been published by a North Korean newspaper, the Minju Joson.
  • The installation of the series of loopy waterslides has been known to be Kim’s plan which the Satellite imagery recently showed.
  • He believes in himself that he is a communication expert.

Muammar Gaddafi’s Family

muammar gaddafi family tree

above:  Muammar Gaddafi’s lineage along with their current status.

Muammar Gaddafi has ten children all in all.  Eight of them are his biological off-springs and the other two are the adopted ones.  They had 8 sons and 2 daughters.

  • Muhammad Gaddafi: He is the eldest son of Gaddafi who then became the leader of the General Post, Telecom Company, and the Olympic Committee of the country of Libya.  He is also known for his ability to operated cellphones along with satellite communications from country to country.
  • Saïf al-Islam Gaddafi:  He is Gaddafi’s son next to Muhammad.  He finished a western education and earned his doctorate degree from the London School of Economics.
  • Ayesha Gaddafi: She is a daughter of Muammar and she’s already a trained lawyer.  Last 2004, Ayesha Gaddafi worked collaboratively with Saddam Hussein’s defense team.
  • Hannibal Gaddafi: He is a former worker in an oil industry which in a while, he had some legal issues.  During the year 2005, in Paris, he was blamed to do the act of beating up a pregnant girlfriend and in 3 years after that incident, in Geneva, he was taken into custody for committing an assault towards his 2 helpers.
  • Khamis Gaddafi: He became a Police officer and was believed to be in charge of the Benghazi’s strong repression on the latest objections.
  • Mutassim Gaddafi: Mutassim, Gadaffi’s fourth son, is now the National Security Advisor and also own Libyan Army unit commander.
  • Saïf al-Arab Gaddafi:  He has been a former student of Munich and had been issued in 2008 Telegraph articles for having been confiscated with his car by the German police due to very loud and noisy exhaust.
  • Milad Abuztaia Gaddafi: He is an adopted son and a nephew of Gaddafi.  He has been a hero of the life of Gaddafi during the US bombing in their compound.
  • Saadi Gaddafi: He is the leader of the Libyan Football Federation and is now a producer of the film industry.
  • Hannah Gaddafi:  Gaddafi’s adopted daughter.  She was 15 years old back in 1986 when she was killed during the US bombing of their compound.

Muammar Gaddafi killed

muammar gaddafi dead body

above:  Gaddafi’s dead body was stored in a refrigerator at Misrata laid down in a cheap mattress

The longest-ruling Arab leader and the fourth longest-ruling non-royal leader since 1900, Muammar Gaddafi was killed last October 20, 2011 in his own hometown on the Mediterranean coast of Sirte, in the country of Libya after a 42 year long reign as an autocratic leader.   He has been an authoritarian ruler of his own country and he has been known for his brutality and madness even towards his people.

It was believed that what happened to him is due to a rebel cause.  Gaddafi has been shot on his head and the other shot to his chest and was killed out of rage because of his violence.  He has been captured by the angry and aggressive fighters who once have been called as rats by Muammar Gaddafi.

Going through the details of his death, he still suffered the madness of the people who were formerly part of his victims of his cruelty.  Upon struggling, with almost a half body full of blood and very much wounded, he was displayed through dragging him in a parade along the streets of Sirte.  His corpse was then placed in a walk-in refrigerator at a shopping mall in Misrata as a symbol of pride by showing to all that Muammar Gaddafi has already died.

Now, after Muammar Gaddafi has passed away, confusion reigns at Libya at present since his death is lack of clarity.  Also, his burial has been delayed by the Libya’s National Transitional Council to give enough time for the investigators to trace his death and to give ample time for the council to choose an appropriate secret site for his burial as well.  Nevertheless, a big blast announcement is to be made with regards to the liberation of the country tomorrow in Benghazi by Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the chairman of the Libya’s National Transitional Council.



muammar gaddafi female body guard

above:  Muammar Gaddafi together with his all-virgins female body guards and Ukraine`s President Viktor Yushchenko during the welcome ceremony at Libya

Muammar Gaddafi was born in a tent in Sirte which was only an irrelevant village to a tribe of herders.  Later on with his life as he became the ruler of Libya, his own country, he then made Sirte, his birthplace, as the second most extensive and largest city in the country.  He grew up to be an authoritarian person.  One who possesses the ability to overpower others, brutality, an individual who is strict and demanding when it comes to obedience, and a person who acquires a tyrannical attitude.

Apart from all of his achievements of being a colonel leader in Libya, showing great authority upon his people, few are still laughing at him.  Laughing but not in a sense of overtly criticizing him but instead, some laughs at his weird and strange abilities and characteristics.  Some of these are:

  • It was when Muammar Gaddafi was captured by a man wearing a Yankees cap.  A revolutionary military man known to be so dignified plus knowing that he’s in chase of a wanted dictator, wore a clothing like frat guys do, would really get you to wonder and laugh.

  • Another weird moment on the life of Muammar Gaddafi was about his obsession towards Condoleezza Rice, ex-US Secretary of the United States of America.  News really got into them and published their story in details.  The weird thing started to happen when Gaddafi invited Condoleezza Rice, whom she called his “African Princess” to visit and have dinner at his place, a tent actually where he lived.  He even composed a song for her and saved pictures of his princess in a videotape.  That’s something to be shocked about when talking about his madness.
  • A violent and a skeptical man like Muammar Gaddafi surrounds himself with dozens of female bodyguards and team of nurses.  His female bodyguards were into camouflage fatigues, with red nail polish and using high-heeled sandals, while carrying with them their submachine guns and nurses were also in heavy make-up. Well, that’s something to ponder about.  According to him, he is just showing off his love for women and his belief in female emancipation.




In an army’s mind

Many of us see armies on operations, in the battlefield, or on trainings, looking like robots, untouchable, brave, and strong. These tough men, how tough are they really? What are they like without their uniforms on? After all, they're just humans like you and me.

I've always wondered what goes on in their minds. So when I got the chance, I fired up questions that has been playing on my mind.Here are excerpts from the "interview" I had with a Filipino army:


Q: Why did you decide to join the army?

A: While growing up, I've always been fascinated by the men in uniform. I got to spend playtime hours at the barracks and I can't help admiring them. My father is a retired sergeant-general and I'd like to follow in his footsteps.


Q: What do you do when there are no operations and/or battles to go to?

A: We work like any other institution, really. We have our own designations. For example, I'm assigned in writing articles for our newsletter. There are other functions. On other times, we also undergo trainings and seminars.


Q: Have you ever been wounded in a battle?

A: No, and I don't intend to.

Q: But you know that there is the possibility. What do you do when you're in a battlefield?

A: Initial reaction is to dock, hide, save self. But after a while, adrenaline kicks in. It's like another person takes over and you do what you have to do.

Q: Do you still feel fear when there's an exchange of bullets?

A: Naturally. There's always fear. But you have to push that aside. You need to leave no room for doubts and fears or else it'll kill you.


Q: What about killing someone? How does it feel?

A: Of course, I feel sad for a life wasted. For years, I've struggled about the fact that my job doesn't coincide with my beliefs. I'm a Christian and it's in the commandments not to kill. There were nights when my conscience wouldn't let me sleep. It's good though that we have counsel leaders. I also read the bible and tried to seek for answers. I then realized that I have to kill in order to protect the innocent. It's my job to make sure their lives are peaceful. I need to stop the bad guys from doing harm to those who couldn't defend themselves. If I wouldn't, who would?


Q: What's the worst thing about being in the army?

A: The fact that i can't be with my family on special occasions and important events. I wanted to see my children's first steps, bring them to school on their first day, witness them blow every candle on their cake each year. All those things, knowing that I won't be able to do those, break my heart. But because I can only be with them a few times, those rare occasions are made special. The situation made us treasure each minute I spend with them.

Q: What's the best?

A: Knowing that I'm helping and serving a lot of people, that I save lives,  that I'm doing a selfless, honorable job.


9 Best World War 2 games ranked

Looking for the best wold war 2 combat game? I have compiled a list of games that are the must haves, these are ranked in order, and the number 1 world war 2 game is? you probably guessed it already!

Here is my top 9 list of world war 2 computer games.

9. Medal of Honour



Medal of nonour


8. Codename Panzers

war computer game with panzers

7. Hidden and dangerous 2



hidden and dangerous world war 2 game


6. Rush for Berlin
War game based in berlin


5. Company of Heroes
heroes computer game


4. Medal of Honour Airborne

3. Battlefield 1942

2. Brothers in arms – hells highway
world war 2 game brothers in arms


1. Call of duty 5

Call of duty 5 world war 2 game
Let me know your views and comments. I will also be compiling the best war computer game of all time, I definetly will need help for the shortlist and I believe there will be a poll added to this site to get a non biased vote.

10 largest armed forces in world

North Korea has the highest army to population of 47.85 to 100 people, its quite incredible when you see that North Koreas land army is nearly 60% bigger than the USA.

North Koreas big army

Happy North Korean soldiers marching.

Largest armies in world

China has the largest army in total followed by USA, India and North Korea,

In contract the smallest regular army of any country in the world is the Vatican city army, which is made up of 100 Swiss guards!


Country Army Army Navy Air Total
1 China 1,600,000 255,000 250,000 2,105,000
2 USA 593,327 341,588 336,081 1,498,157  
3 India 1,100,000 55,000 125,000 1,288,000
4 North Korea 950,000 46,000 110,000 1,106,000
5 Russia 360,000 142,000 195,000 1,027,000
5 South Korea 560,000 63,000 64,000 687,000
7 Pakistan 550,000 24,000 45,000 619,000
8 Iran 350,000 18,000 52,000 545,000
9 Turkey 402,000 48,600 60,000 510,600
10 Egypt 340,000 18,500 30,000 468,500

Swine flu Al qaeda attack next 911?

al-qaeda-mexican-attackCould Al qaida be preparing for a swine attack in New York?

  • The facts, New York has been worst hit spine flu virus state in the USA.
  • The virus was started in Mexico, there has been considerable rumour that an attack could be launched from  Mexico,
  • Mexico is a stategic place to create a biological laboartatory due to the ease of crossing the US border.
  • Already operatives Al qaida operatives have been seen in Mexico and near the Mexican border
  • Potential carriers could get through the border police and spread the virus with ease.

"that there are individuals from countries with known al-Qaida connections who are changing their Islamic surnames to Hispanic-sounding names and obtaining false Hispanic identities, learning to speak Spanish and pretending to be Hispanic immigrants." , Culberson

  • Constant Al qaeda internet chatter about creating an attack on America with minimum preperation and maximum impact.
  • The Swine flu or H1N1 has potential to kill many people while reaking havock on the depressed American economy.
  • The USA is very vulnerable to a swine flu attack, so its important that there should be vigilance of an attack with the spine flu virus.